Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spring Enrollment Update (January 7)

The following classes have reached their maximum enrollments for Spring: 
Monday (5:00-6:00) 3rd-5th
Monday (6:00-7:00) Design
Tuesday (4:00-5:00) 4th-6th 
Tuesday (6:00-7:00) Design 
Thursday (4:00-5:00) K-2nd 
Thursday (5:00-6:00) 3rd-5th
Thursday (6:00-7:00) Drawing

The following classes are close to reaching their maximum enrollments: 
Tuesday (5:00-6:00) Drawing
Friday (6:00-7:00) 4th-6th

If the class you would like has already filled for Spring, please give us a call (316-2635).  Enrollment changes daily, and waiting lists have already been added.