Monday, November 17, 2014

Spring 2015 Registration Updates

The following classes are nearing their maximum enrollment for Spring 2015:
Design- Tuesday (6:00-7:00)
Drawing- Thursday (4:00:5:30)
Design- Thursday (5:30-7:00)
3rd-4th grade- Friday (5:00-6:00)

The following classes have reached their maximum enrollments and are now closed (waiting lists have been formed):
K-2nd- Monday (4:00-5:00)
3rd-4th grade- Monday (5:00-6:00)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Class Make Up Times

Did you miss class, and now you need to make up the time??  Not a problem! Below are the available days/times for class make ups. Remember, you MUST reserve these in advance. You may either call, email, or drop by the studio to claim your spot!
Mondays at 6:00-7:00
Fridays at 4:00-5:00 or 5:00-6:00

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fall Class Maximum Enrollment Update

**Additional classes and spots for current classes have been added**
The following classes still have openings for the fall 2014 school year.  For classes not on the list below, please call the studio at 870-316-2635 to be placed on a waiting list. Classes will be added according to need/interest, and students will be enrolled on a "first come" basis.

These classes still have openings for Fall 2014:
K-2nd:       Monday 6:00-7:00, Friday 4:00-5:00
3rd-4th:     Friday 5:00-6:00
5th-6th:     Tuesday 4:00-5:00, Friday 6:00-7:00
Drawing:    Tuesday 5:00-6:00 (1 spot), Thursday 4:00-5:30 (1 spot)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Class Enrollment Updates for Fall 2014

Below are updates for our fall semester. If a class in which you are interested is already full, please contact the studio. I am adding additional spots and classes as needed. We don't want anyone to miss out on the fun! (870-316-2635)

The following classes have reached their maximum enrollment for Fall 2014:

Monday (4:00-5:00) - K-2nd grade
Monday (5:00-6:00) - 3rd-5th grade
Tuesday (5:00-6:00) - Jr/Sr High Drawing
Tuesday (6:00-7:00) - Jr/Sr High Design/Painting
Thursday (4:00-5:30) - Jr/Sr High Drawing

The following classes are nearing their maximum enrollment. Available spots are listed after each class:

Tuesday (4:00-5:00) - 5th-6th grade (2 spots remaining)
Thursday (5:30-7:00) - Jr/Sr High Design/Painting (1 spot remaining)
Friday (5:00-6:00) - 3rd-5th grade (1 spot remaining)

Monday, March 10, 2014

April Art Show

Below is a list of JSA students who will be a part of our APRIL art show in the Children's Department at the Jonesboro Public Library.  This show will run from April 2- April 30.   
                1.   Abby Davis
             2.  Lauren Kifer
                  3.   Emily Bosche
                  4.  Landon Gibson
                  5.  Paula Guevara
                  6.  Sophia Vaupel
                  7.  Yibing Hu
                  8.  Lycci Pan
                  9.  Rowyn Parish
                 10.  Londynn Adams
                 11. Adalynn Cooke
                 12. Ella Shaw
                 13. Miles Shaw
                 14. Audrey Atchley
                 15.    Kylie Coots
                 16. Thatcher Parish
                 17.  Jillian Lewis
                 18. Chloe Tyner
                 19.  Olevia Dunman
                 20. Rod Booker

Sunday, March 2, 2014

SpRiNg ArT ShOwS

Two shows!  That's right, we will be having two SpRiNg art shows this year!  Because The Lord has blessed us with an increased enrollment, we will need two shows to display all of our students' works.  Our March art show will run March 5 - 28, and will be located at the Jonesboro Sun Gallery (518 Carson Street). Below is a list of students who will have work in the March show.  Children not listed below will be in our April show at the Jonesboro Public Library's Children's Department.
1. Olivia Selby
2. Charlie Kelly
3. Ken Kwok
4. Adam Browning
5. Ellenie Parsons
6. Kyndall Jackson
7. Bella Zupa
8. Cameron Holder
9. Emily Cooper
10. Molly Stahl
11. Sarah Stahl
12. Brianna Kelso
13. Kale Cossey
14. Abbey Boylls
15. Madison Riggs
16  Austin Kelso
17. Sydney Ward
18. Makenzie Beaird
19. Chloe Barker
20. Hannah Rainwater
21. Maya Eddy
22. Celia Mayfield
23. Kylie Box
24. Avery Sams
25. Sarah Hooker
26. Alex Horner
27. Madelynn Teat
28. Falen Province
29. Alex Li
30. Hannah Caruso
31. Alex Guo
32. Rebecca Roberts
33. Eva Thompson
34. Taylor Broadaway
35. Kevin Zheng
36. Madison Kennedy
37. Ariana Neshat
38  Lauren Box
39. Karli Wilson
40. Anna Wilcox
41. Anna Dancer
42. Madison Jones
43. Emma Grace Brown
44. Madison Atchley
45. Abby Taylor
46. Hannah Taylor
47. Anna Oppenhiem
48. Brittany Smith
49. Brandon Smith
50. Taylor Woods
51.  Neeharika Raju
52.  Ramsey Crum
53.  Erin Bryan
54.  Asher Colburn
55.  Isabella Delcase
56. Ali Marsh
57.  Hannah Henson
58.  Maggie Gao
59.  Melissa Gao
60.  Jiawei Ge

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spring 2014 Class Schedule

 Important dates for JSA

Begin Date:  Monday, January 13
Spring Break:  March 24 - March 28
Art Show:  March 3 - March 28 (Located at Jonesboro Sun Gallery, 518 Carson Street, Jonesboro)
End Date:  Friday, May 16 (There are 17 weeks in the semester, but you are only being charged for 16.  The last week is in place for snow day make ups.  If we have no snow days, it is simply a free class for your student.  Student attendance is optional during this week.)

We will have NO additional breaks during the Spring semester.  For closings due to inclement weather, please see the school closings list on KAIT.