Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Class Enrollment Updates for Fall 2014

Below are updates for our fall semester. If a class in which you are interested is already full, please contact the studio. I am adding additional spots and classes as needed. We don't want anyone to miss out on the fun! (870-316-2635)

The following classes have reached their maximum enrollment for Fall 2014:

Monday (4:00-5:00) - K-2nd grade
Monday (5:00-6:00) - 3rd-5th grade
Tuesday (5:00-6:00) - Jr/Sr High Drawing
Tuesday (6:00-7:00) - Jr/Sr High Design/Painting
Thursday (4:00-5:30) - Jr/Sr High Drawing

The following classes are nearing their maximum enrollment. Available spots are listed after each class:

Tuesday (4:00-5:00) - 5th-6th grade (2 spots remaining)
Thursday (5:30-7:00) - Jr/Sr High Design/Painting (1 spot remaining)
Friday (5:00-6:00) - 3rd-5th grade (1 spot remaining)