Monday, September 30, 2013

Studio Updates

Just a few Fall Updates....

  • Our Fall Art Show will run November 1 - 30 at the Jonesboro Public Library.  Every student will have a piece in the show. 
  •  Students in 7th-12th grade will be participating in the Scholastic Art & Writing competition held at the Brooks Museum in Memphis.  Because works are entered electronically,  November 22 will be our JSA deadline.  Once the artworks are registered, parents and students will be notified about signing registration forms for mailing.  Winners, chosen by the museum, will be on display in January/February 2014.  (Only those students who have a finished piece will participate in the competition.  If a student requires extra studio time to finish, please contact Mrs. Tanya.)
  • We are collecting potential "art" items.  Please save us your plastic bottle caps (from food & drink containers) and plastic laundry detergent bottles.  We will be collecting through February 2014.  Collections may be dropped at the studio.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Class Updates, September 19

Here are the updates on class openings as of Thursday, September 19 .  The number to the right of the class indicates the spaces available.  If you do not see a class listed, that class has closed due to maximum enrollment.  

Monday - 3:30 (K-2nd grade) - 1

Tuesday - 3:30 (K-2nd grade) - 1
Tuesday - 4:30 (Drawing) - 1
Tuesday - 5:30 (Design) - 2
Thursday - 3:30 (K-2nd grade) - 4 
Friday - 4:30 (Painting) - 1
Friday - 5:30 (4th-6th) - 4