Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cold and Flu Guidelines

The cold and flu season is upon us. To help combat the spreading of germs at the studio, we are presenting the following guidelines. Please note, that we will be taking a zero tolerance stance. Parents or students who do not adhere to these guidelines, will be dismissed from classes.  We always welcome make up days for those who need to miss class.  

Students should not come to class when any of the following circumstances apply:
1. Child did not go to school due to illness.
2. Child has a cold. Even if the student went to school, they should NOT come to art.
3. Child has a fever or sore throat.
4. Child is complaining of a stomachache or has diarrhea and vomiting.
5. Anyone in the household has been diagnosed with the flu in the past week. The entire household must be free of the flu for one week before student returns to art.  According to, the flu can be spread one day before symptoms begin to one week after onset.

While these guidelines may not be practiced at local schools other after school programs, we are hoping that our parents will understand the need to protect those at our studio who are at high risk of developing complications from contracting the flu.  In addition to the above guidelines, we will be taking extra measures at disinfecting our studio and supplies after each class. Until the flu has died down, we will be using art supplies which will not damage student clothing, therefore not requiring the students to wear aprons.

We appreciate your help and understanding during this season. For more information on and updates about the flu, please see the website.